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If you are looking to check the balance of your Visa or MasterCard directly, then can be the best option to be considered. When we look back, we found that the use of credit and debit cards is increasing day by day.

People found carrying card a much safer option than carrying cash to all the places. Moreover, using cards is proven to be a much convenient option than paying cash everywhere. Now when people use these cards, they need to track the activities going through it.

Therefore the portal present over the web plays a major role and provides information about the cards to their users. Reading this article till end will help you to know about the steps to activate your MyPrepaidCenter card. The residents of the United States mostly buy credit and debit cards from private banks. These banks are basically the approved merchants of the Blackhawk Network Holdings Inc. Thus, using this website portal will make it much easier to navigate through the details of their cards. Activate Card Procedures

The company provides a number of services to the residents of the United States like handling credit/debit cards, and a number of other preliminary banking services. Purchasing any one of the services from the above one will give you access to access the portal.

Provides:Gift cards, Prepaid cards
Languages:English, Spanish
Issued By:MetaBank
Features:Instant Activation

Once you have applied for the card, then you will receive it in no time. The first step you need to take after receiving the card is to activate it. Without activation, the card will be of no use. It is a quite important process that you need to carry out in order to use the card. Checking out the steps provided below will help you to carry on the process very easily.

  • If you are willing to use your card, then you need to activate it first. For activating, you have to visit the official website of Make sure to keep your card near you like the details on the card will be required for proceeding.
  • After this, you will see an activation menu on the right hand of the screen. Now you have to proceed by filling the appropriate details like card number, expiry date, security code.
  • Complete the captcha so as to prove that you are not a robot and tap on login.
  • Now you will be redirected to a page where you will be asked to create your profile.
  • Proceed by providing the details like name, number, card details, email.
  • Now you have to choose your desired username and password. Make sure to choose in a good way so that you remember them as they both will be required every time you access the portal.
  • After submitting the details, a mail is sent to your email for verification purposes. As soon as you verify it, your card will be activated.

Now you can access all the details and usage of your card. You must make sure to keep in mind the limits while spending through your credit or debit cards. The remaining balance of your card can be seen on the portal of

Features of

There are a number of features of which makes it one of the best portals present over the web. In order to make you aware of the benefits and features, we have provided some key points below:

  • Users get access to all the information about the cards. Moreover, they can also learn about the usage of their particular card.
  • All the details about the payments, dues, limit, remaining balance can be seen over the dashboard of the portal. You can access these details by simply logging in into your account over
  • You can make the payments directly through your card using the portal of MyPrepaidCenter.
  • You can see the pin that you have set for your card. Moreover, if you have lost your pin then you can reset it from here.
  • Apart from all this, there is a number of deals and discount going over the portal. You can also grab 5% cashback on paying for dinners, movies, etc.

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