How & Where to Use Your Card

Getting access to the activation of the MyPrepaidCenter card can be quite easy. But the ways to use it can be tedious. It becomes tedious when you don’t have any knowledge about the usage of MyPrepaidCenter Card. But below we have provided a super simple guide which can help you with necessary details.

Where can you use the card?

The Visa cards which are compatible with ATM can be used everywhere where the Visa cards are accepted. But while using them you must remember that they cannot be used over petrol pumps. Other than this, you can use the card for shopping for materialistic things.

What do you mean by the current balance of the card?

Following are the things which you can help you to analyze the current balance of the card:

  • You can log in to get access to your prepaid card balance
  • You must make sure to use only the available balance or less than that
  • The card received from MyPrepaidCenter can only be used for the current available balance or less than that
  • If the amount of the purchase is higher than the available balance then you must make sure to use different payment options which are provided below

Why Do I Receive This Card?

Your participation in a loyalty program, discounts, promotion, or pricing has provided you access to this prepaid loyalty card. If you are still confused or want more information regarding this, then you can contact the program administrator.

Using Multiple Payment Methods

If you are having a MyPrepaidCenter card then it is advised to use that at last when you are preferring more than one payment method. This states that the amount owed is less than or matched to the balance present in your credit card.

Does the card ever gets expired?

If you are using a credit or debit card for the past few years, then you must be knowing that the start date of your card is present on the front side of the prepaid card. As soon as it crosses the expiration date, then the particular card will be canceled and will never be replaced.

After this, the card is no longer accepted by anyone like participating dealers. Apart from this, the balance which is present in the card also becomes unusable. It remains of no use and becomes a waste. In the United States, the card expiry takes place at midnight. The expiry is present on the front of the card with the last day of the particular month written over it.

Can I use the card at the ATM machine?

Of course, you can use the card at any of the working ATM machines present near you. But before it, you have to first set the PIN of your card. You can simply do it by logging in to the official website. Proceed by choosing the option of set pin present on the top of the website. This will give you access to set the PIN code used by the ATM network. While you are requesting information from ATM, you must select the indicator report instead of a saving account.

What do you need to know before buying anything over the Internet?

If your card doesn’t hold your name on the front side, then you immediately need to contact the customer service department. You can call on the number present on the backside of the card and register your prepaid card before using it over the internet. Before confirming a particular purchase, the seller would require these details.

While making any purchase over the internet, you must make sure to have an appropriate balance on your card. This is because most of the vendors do not allow multiple payment methods.

Where can I find the 3-digit code required for purchases over the Internet?

You can find that on the backside of the MyPrepaidCenter card.

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