Check Balance & Activate Card

If you are looking to check the balance of your Visa or MasterCard directly, then can be the best option to be considered. When we look back, we found that the use of credit and debit cards is increasing day by day. People found carrying cards a much safer option than carrying cash to … Read more

How & Where to Use Your Card

Getting access to the activation of the MyPrepaidCenter card can be quite easy. But the ways to use it can be tedious. It becomes tedious when you don’t have any knowledge about the usage of MyPrepaidCenter Card. But below we have provided a super simple guide which can help you with necessary details. Where can … Read more

How to Login into the Account?

For logging in to your account, you have to simply create an account through the official website of You can also activate your prepaid account or Visa/MasterCard through it. Remember to check out all the features when you save the profile at the homepage of MyPrepaidCenter. The features of MyPrepaidCenter include the changes in … Read more

How to Avoid Your Card Getting Declined?

A declined card can seriously create the worst conditions. Moreover, it even hurts more when there is a hefty amount present in it. But you can save your card from being declined by following this super easy guide. How to Avoid Your Card Getting Declined? The most common causes for getting your MyPrepaidCenter Card declined … Read more