How to Avoid Your Card Getting Declined?

A declined card can seriously create the worst conditions. Moreover, it even hurts more when there is a hefty amount present in it. But you can save your card from being declined by following this super easy guide.

How to Avoid Your Card Getting Declined?

The most common causes for getting your MyPrepaidCenter Card declined

Before coming to save your card from being declined, you must know about the reasons because of which your card is declined.

  • When you use the card for making a purchase more than the balance present in it,
  • When you use the particular card on a gas pump,
  • The card is not activated before first use,
  • When you use the card at an ATM without creating a four-digit pin for it.

How to Use Card in a Restaurant?

If you are willing to use your MyPrepaidCenter card in a particular restaurant then you must make sure to have the bill amount plus 20% in it. In some cases, 20% more approval of the bill can be required so as to advantage of free gratuity. If you are card covers the amount up to 20% then your transaction will be allowed for sure.

What to Do If Card Gets Declined?

  • You should use the card for a smaller amount
  • Add the balance and sign the receipt
  • Simply pay the amount present in the invoice using the second form of payment

If you didn’t understand then you can check out the below example:

  • Suppose your card has a balance of $100 and restaurant bill is of $90
  • If you use your card to pay at this restaurant then the transaction will be declined due to lack of funds. This is because it requires the balance to be 108$(Amount + 20%)
  • If you are having $100 in your account then you can use the card for paying an amount of $80, $20 remaining as balance.
  • Now you can proceed by adding a free balance of $20 and sign the receipt.
  • Now you can pay the remaining $10 with cash or another card.

How to use MyPrepaidCenter card in a gas station?

If you are going to use this card in the fuel pump, then, unfortunately, it will not work. You can reach out to the particular station to use the prepaid card.

How to use a card in the hotel?

It is advised to use the card only at the time of departure. Also, you should not use the card to register or book something. Another thing you must note is that Hotels require 15% more approval of the bill to cover additional charges. The balance present in your card must hold the particular amount otherwise it will be declined.

How can you rent a car with a card?

It is not recommended to use the prepaid card to pick up a car or make any reservation. In this case, the card is removed when you return the car or after 30 days of it. If the bill is paid after the tenancy is concluded, then this card can be used.

What do you need to know before using an international card?

  • First of all, you need to check out the countries which are banned and where the map cannot be used
  • If you are pursuing an international purchase, you will be charged 2% of the purchase cost. Make sure to add it otherwise your card will be shown out of order
  • The card is not accepted everywhere especially at the places which are placed at automatic payment locations such as Toll roads, tube stations, ATMs, petrol pumps or car parks

We are pretty sure that after reading all these guidelines, you must have understood how to save your card from being declined. Moreover, following these guidelines will help you to use the card carefully.

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  1. I entered my name and the password listed on my keychain. The message indicated. Reentered checking to assure the correct information. No information sent to my email. Moved to enter my card number, date listed in the front of the card and the numerals in rectangle on the back of the card. The information once again declined. The last I used the card, possibly over a year ago. I use it for travel. Is the length of time between usage the reason for rejection.


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